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"I first encountered Sandra when I was the editor of Lancaster Farming newspaper and she submitted an opinion piece on a controversial agricultural topic. Her words were intelligent, colorful and to the point. They immediately stood out to me as coming from a person with a strong voice and much to say. Since then, I've had the opportunity to interact with Sandra in person and read more of her work, all of which has confirmed her as a true original with a perspective grounded in real life experience farming, living in diverse places and paying close attention to nature and humanity." Dave Lefever
Sandra's writing covering farming and food has appeared regularly in many leading publications and blogs.
She speaks to groups and contributes frequently to workshops, conferences and forums about sustainable agriculture and farming.

Sandra has been a regular contributor to leading computer networking, security and consumer electronics publications as well as the author of Maximizing Strategic Opportunities From Mobile Commuincations Technology (Prentice Hall 2002)
Sandra's writing has appeared in the following publications